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Anti Gravity Inventions of the past 100 years or so

John Keely was probably the best inventor of all times in my opinion. Nikola Tesla was probably second to John in my view. John Keely got to the very heart of how things work. He understood the nature of vibration. All things vibrate whether it be a rock, a mirror, a person, or a musical chord. He understood how to manipulate objects via their vibratory rates. He did this through sympathetic vibration, he also did other amazing things too which didn't only employ sympathetic vibration.

John Worrell Keely was born September 3, 1837. He later died in November 18, 1898. He was quite literally a genius.

John Keely PictureHere is another picture of John Keely, in this picture you see him alongside one of his inventions called the Musical Dynasphere.

And now I present to you some of the most amazing anti-gravity inventions ever made by John Worrell Keely.

John Keely Picture This is a picture of a glass cylinder filled with water in which is placed a weight. John attached a wire to the cylinder which is also attached to a small sphere and a string musical instrument. When John would strike the zither string the weight would lose it's weight and it would float up to the top. He could also make the heavy object regain it's weight, he therefore had complete control of the weight within the glass container.

So how exactly did this device work? Well the wire which went from the musical instrument to the glass cylinder actually changed the vibratory rate of the weight within the water. When the zither string was struck it would send a vibration through the wire to the inside of the cylinder. John Keely has said repeatedly in his writings that every object has a mass chord. Or a vibration if you will that is unique to each object. He thereby negated some of the vibrations in the weight that made the weight heavy. He did this through sympathetic vibrations. The sound from the musical instrument made the wire vibrate which in turn struck a chord with the weight. John knew how to affect the weight of an object by simply striking the right notes on the instrument.

John Keely also did the same type of experiment but with different machinery, hence the Liberator.

John Keely Picture Here is a picture of another one of his successful machines. The Liberator. The Liberator when activated could render heavy objects absolutely weightless. As you can see in this picture there is a heavy weight. John could make this weight weightless simply by harnessing the power of the etheric vapour which was stored and used with his liberator and other devices which were stored on his person. He did so with a series of gold, silver, copper, and platinum wires. At one time he did a demonstration for a group of people. They were amazed to see him move a 500 horsepower vibratory engine from one end of the room to the other all on his own without even scratching the floor. The people who were there knew that this was not possible without the use of a crane or derrick. Since the engine he transported across the room was so very heavy. This was only one of many anti-gravity demonstrations that he made for some priviledged few of the public.

John was quoted as saying that his Liberator machine would release an etheric vapor which he then vitalized and stored for use in the various machines that he built. This etheric vapor had immense power and was created or harnessed if you will using the Liberator. It was written in newspapers that he had harnessed a new force of nature.

There is a very complete book on John Worrell Keely and his inventions. It is called John Keely-Free Energy Pioneer. In it you will find lots of great pictures of his inventions and also lots of information on what they did. You will also learn about the man himself. This book is well worth the small price, a must have for anyone interested in free energy and anti gravity technology.

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

John Keely Picture

Here is a picture of John Hutchison in his apartment/workshop.

John Keely PictureHere is another picture of John, you can see a little bit more of the machinery in his workshop. John lives in Vancouver B.C. He has done presentations for several members of the Government and many other important scientists.

The following 2 videos are from Google Video. When you click on the link it will open up a new window.

Here is a video of John Hutchison showcasing the anti gravity Hutchison Effect.

John Hutchison is a modern day genius. John is most well known for the Hutchison Effect. The Hutchison Effect is not just one effect, it is many put together.

The Hutchison Effect is what happens when John turns on some of his machinery, he creates radio wave interferences in a zone of spatial volume encompassed by high voltage sources, usually a Van de Graff generator, and two or more Tesla coils.

The effects produced include levitation of heavy objects, fusion of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood (exactly as portrayed in the movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment"), the anomalous heating of metals without burning adjacent material, spontaneous fracturing of metals (which separate by sliding in a sideways fashion), and both temporary and permanent changes in the crystalline structure and physical properties of metals. The levitation of heavy objects by the Hutchison Effect is not---repeat not---the result of simple electrostatic or electromagnetic levitation.

Claims that these forces alone can explain the phenomenon are patently ridiculous, and easily disproved by merely trying to use such methods to duplicate what the Hutchison Effect has achieved, which has been well documented both on film and videotape, and has been witnessed many times by numerous credentialed scientists and engineers. Challengers should note that their apparatus must be limited to the use of 75 Watts of power from a 120 Volt AC outlet, as that is all that is used by Hutchison's apparatus to levitate a 60-pound cannon ball.

It is surmised by some researchers that what Hutchison has done is tap into the Zero Point Energy. This energy gets its name from the fact that it is evidenced by oscillations at zero degrees Kelvin, where supposedly all activity in an atom ceases. The energy is associated with the spontaneous emission and annihilation of electrons and positrons coming from what is called "the quantum vacuum." The density of the energy contained in the quantum vacuum is estimated by some at ten to the thirteenth Joules per cubic centimeter, which is reportedly sufficient to boil off the Earth's oceans in a matter of moments. Given access to such energies, it is small wonder that the Hutchison Effect produces such bizarre phenomena. At the present time, the phenomena are difficult to reproduce with any regularity. The focus for the future, then, is first to increase the frequency of occurence of the effects, then to achieve some degree of precision in their control. The work is continuing at this time. Before long, we shall see what progress can be made.

Here is the disappointing part of John Hutchison's research. Many different devices are used together to produce the anti gravity effect where objects levitate. John doesn't succeed every time to levitate objects. He has not mastered control of this phenomena. And it has been several years since he has discovered this effect. Another major roadblock to his research is that his machinery weighs several tons, and he can't move it out of his apartment. The reason why he has to move it is because when he conducts experiments it affects the neighbors in several ways. Their appliances don't work, their lights go on and off and things of that nature. So until he can move out and conduct more tests we will have to wait and see if he can master control of the Hutchison Effect.

John has also succesfully built a free energy battery. Here is a picture of it. Using this battery someone can get power for an electrical device without the use of conventional batteries, John's battery will never deplete it's energy.

john-battery.jpg (32701 bytes)

Video of John Hutchison on Tech Tv showing how he makes crystal cell batteries that never rund down.

Edward Leedskalnin is the creator of Coral Castle. What is Coral Castle? It is a museum of sorts that has huge stone sculptures. Edward Leedskalnin laboured for over 28 years to build a monument to his lost love. He was a very compassionate man. Edward moved over 1 100 tons of stone on his own. He claimed to know how the Egyptians built the pyramids and moved the stones from place to place.

edward leedskalnin

edward leedskalninHere is a picture of Edward Leedskalnin's device that he used to move the gigantic coral stones from place to place. This apparatus uses magnets. Ed knew the secret of magnetic currents. He often said that modern science doesn't really know how magnetic currents work.

edward leedskalnin Here is another picture of one of Edward Leedskalnin's magnetic devices. This device also deals with magnets and magnetic current.

edward leedskalnin Here is a picture of the device that many people think Edward Leedskalnin used to move his stone scultpures.This device is used along with his magnetic wheel.

coral castle This is a picture of some of the stone sculptures that Ed built at Coral Castle.

coral castle

Edward also wrote a book about Magnetic Current, in this book he explains in somewhat technical terms how magnet currents really work. He says that science has it all wrong. His ideas are great, I recommend this book. The original book cover is below, notice the symbol of two curved lines, many people believe this symbol to be important in deciphering his magnetic current theories. coral castle

Viktor Schauberger was born the 30th of June 1885, he later died the 25th of September 1958. Viktor was a successful inventor and invented several inventions that used vortex like patterns that copied nature.

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian forester who was active during the first half of the 19:th century. He had a huge beard and a friendly laughter, this he combined with an uncompromising belief in himself and his ideas. He was obstinate in combination with a choleric temper. He was a good drawer and probably a skilled craftsman. Even if Viktor was not schooled the academic way he had a deep knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry. His sense and understanding on how water flows in the nature was exceptional. From his observations he formulated his new hydrodynamic basic theory. His friends and opponents described him as highly intelligent and with this intellectual sharpness he made a deep cut in his (and ours) physical paradigm.

During World War Two, Victor Schauberger was interned in a Nazi concentration camp and was forced to work on a flying disk project using his ideas. It is not known if the project was completed, or, if the saucers actually flew in Germany. Reports vary, and no confirmed documentation remains. It is rather convincingly coincidental, however, that our own (US) pilots reported "strange flying disks" over Germany just prior to the War's end. After World War II, Viktor migrated to the United States on promises by various agencies (CIA) to help him develop and test his ideas. Those promises later proved to be hollow. He went to a facility in Dallas Texas, and under uncertain direction, signed over all of the rights to his inventions and patents, to, none other than the US government (Army, Navy...who knows?!). He was sent back to his home-land of Austria, only to die, broken and disillusioned five days later. It would make a great headline for the 'National Enquirer'...and's TRUE!

His Inventions: The Repulsin:

repulsin_a.gif (30937 bytes)

An original picture-sketch of the Repulsine above : A flying model of a Schauberger Repulsine, Type A, tested in January 1940. This device has been built with copper and uses a very high speed motor for the main vortex turbine. The Repulsine Type "A" device is an Electro-Aero-Dynamic device (E.A.D.) and uses two effects :

1.) The Coanda Effect: a pure Aerodynamic effect based on the Bernoulli's principle.

2.) The Electro-Dynamic effect : The high speed vortex in the "vortex chamber" produces an electric, charged separation effect, called "the diamagnetic effect " by Schauberger. These two effects, combined, create the so-called "implosion effect".

When the main electric engine is started, the Coanda effect begins to create a differential aerodynamic pressure between the outer and the inner surface of the primary hull. At a higher speed, the vortex chamber becomes a kind of high electrostatic generator due to the air particles, in high speed motion, acting as an electrical charge transporter. The Repulsine will begin to glow due to the strong ionization effect of the air. Now, we have all the ingredients for a continuous and strong Aether Flow along the main axis from the top to the bottom of the craft...The radial air pressure required for lifting 1kg with the Coanda Effect is about 1,4 kg/cm2

Machines of Genius - The Repulsine, or "Flying Saucer" of Viktor Schauberger:

Viktor used implosion to run his devices, implosion created great power in his inventions. Also known as water-hammer or cavitation. Not very much is known about cavitation and how to apply it to inventions. Viktor however knew all too well how to use it in inventions.

When his repulsion would be in operation the turbine with the aid of implosion would create a propulsion effect which would levitate the craft into the air.

Most of the documentation you will find on Viktor Schauberger's work and inventions is almost always very technical. Experiments that you and I the struggling inventor can do to imitate his inventions are hard to come by. It would be nice if there would be some experiments we could try to see how his inventions actually work. I myself have searched through books written by him and on internet sites for actual experiments I could try to see how his inventions work. I have not found any. One of his books that does explain how he used water for anti gravity inventions is well explained for those who are not rocket scientists. It is a very good book. It explains how water really flows and how water is energized, it gives a lot of information on water flow and how he developed his anti gravity ideas from watching trout go upstream. He noticed that they jumped up over rocks and such when going upstream, he noticed a kind of anti gravity levitation when they jumped upstream. This allowed him to experiment and learn a lot about water flow. He also created several inventions for logging, his inventions for sending logs through water to designated areas were very successful. Viktor maintains that water should not flow in a straight line, water likes to flow in curves, like down a winding river, it energizes the water.

repulsinRepulsin B -To the Left is a picture of an original prototype showing the major components of the "Repulsine, type B" engine. The air, being drawn in from the top slits, is set into a spiral vortex movement. Schauberger had claimed that once the devise was set in motion, the primary motor could be switched off and the forces at work would power the generator, which was housed in a central location inside the craft.

implosion motorThe implosion motor uses the suction forces of implosion; there is no heat barrier and no sound barrier, because with friction almost entirely lacking, no heat is generated. The air flows through the rotating air inlets, placed in the middle, and follows the gap between the double membranes (with the wave pattern). This creates a spiral contraction of the flowing medium and creates a vacuum which increases the "pull", via implosion. The enhanced vortex turbine uses two flat membranes with concentric "rills" on it. A wave pattern has been set on the upper and on the lower membrane. The upper wave is slightly out of phase with the lower wave. This is a direct application of the "Coanda" effect. The air flow passes through small cavities where the volume sometimes is larger, and sometimes smaller, due to the difference in phase relationship between the upper and the lower membrane. When the air passes different cavities it starts to pulsate. The pulsations are directly dependant on the angular speed of the discs. This "push-pull" action creates an harmonic pulsation of energy...

repulsin-diagram.jpg (7765 bytes)The Repulsine uses the same phenomena. Cold water, drawn through a base hole, is spun in between the two wavy impellers and cools the air inside the units’ shell. As this partial vacuum draws in the air, it is spun into a cyclone by intake fins. After the air is cooled and humidified, still spinning, it is then expelled from an upper turbine, which reacts with the exiting cyclone. This centrifugal air has so much angular momentum that it is able to leave the Repulsine, even against a strong internal vacuum. That is a direct analogy to the rocking tank implosion-based water pump, described above.

The hot, rising vapor, trapped in a snail-shaped chimney, is lighter then the surrounding dry air and adds to the suction on the Repulsine's top. The upper turbine, spun by the exiting cyclones' action, directly drives the internal wavy vaporizing discs, which atomize the cold intake water. The electric motor (used for starting purposes) only has one purpose, and that is to spin up the vaporizer so that it properly atomizes the cold water from the inlet hose. The power source is implosion of hot, dry, desert air.

Remember that the power source is the Thermal difference between cold ground water and hot, dry desert air, just as is done in the implosion tank-rocking water pump from Texas. There is no mystery here. This device does nothing but convert the energy present in the combination of cold ground water with hot dry atmosphere. That is how it actually works. In many ways, it is similar to Schauberger’s water turbine, which also uses a pulsed pressure reservoir. Keep in mind that without the cold-water input, the pulsating vacuum trapped inside the Repulsine soon diminishes and stops. There is a lot of mystery behind this device.

To quote on what Schauberger said:

“ I connected the implosion motor to an outdoor water tap and it began to spin and finally took off, powered off of nothing more then ordinary, cold, tap water.”

If you look at the Repulsine, you will find a water pipe beneath, sticking out to the side. Schauberger was a master of water implosion technology. It is possible to cool air by simply pulling on a piston, but you require work to do that. At the same time, if you compressed air in a piston, it will get hot. That requires force over a distance or mechanical work to accomplish. You see; there is no gain! Simply expanding a piston and contracting it (or a vortex) accomplishes little more then creating a spring. We all know springs eventually stop bouncing. Schauberger’s expanding and contracting tornado also eventually ceases without an energy source. Recall the Hilsch-Rankine tube or Maxwell’s demon. The tube generates spiral airflow and creates hot air in the large tube and cold air -140F in the small diameter tube. In order to accomplish this, compressed air in large volumes must be used for its ability to do work. No free ride there. It is possible to make a vertical tube howl like a banshee, but the second the flame is removed from the tubes’ inside wall - the resonance stops. Again, it requires a defined energy source. That is Viktor Schauberger’s secret.

Hopefully someone will soon come along who will explain it to us in plain English how his devices work, and show us a prototype of similar design to Viktor's. If we are to combat Climate Change and natural disasters technology using Viktor's ideas would surely help us a great deal. We could also build flying crafts with his inventions. It is a pity that those who used Viktor to gain his knowledge have left nothing to the public of his inventions or more insight into his work.

Townsend_Brown.jpg (18106 bytes)Thomas Townsend Brown has been flying strange metal saucer-like discs of his own secret design and make for more than 30 years - some big ones too, up to 30 inches in diameter!

Mostly, Brown has flown his discs in good old common air. The discs are tethered to a mast or pole and the thin, double-saucer-like things fly a circle around and around the mast in free flight.

Thomas Townsend Brown, (1905-1985) an American physicist, was a leader in developing theories concerning the link between electromagnetic and gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. He advanced from theory to application with the development of solid and disc-shaped apparatuses which are believed to have created and utilized temporary, localized gravitational fields.

Brown's work became very controversial due to the similarity between his work and what is believed to be the propulsion method of some observed UFO's. His name is also often mentioned in the same breath as the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment," as a possible candidate along with Nikola Tesla, A.L. Kitselman and Dr. Einstein.

Defying Gravity is a biographical mystery that ponders the question “how come nobody has ever heard of T. Townsend Brown?”

Townsend Brown was a celebrated prodigy of electrical science during the 1920s, was respected as an innovative physicist throughout the mid-century, and is generally regarded as the seminal pioneer in the field of anti-gravity research and technology. So how is it that the trail of Brown’s life and work is almost impossible to trace? Why is it that every lead seems to trail off down some dark corridor of intrigue or run into a brick wall of officially “classified” material?

Townsend Brown was a teenager when he discovered a theoretical link between electricity and gravity. The concept he pioneered is, ironically, now embodied in a common household appliance that is advertised on television every day. The same principal is also secretly deployed in some of America’s most sophisticated combat aircraft.

So why is this man's life such a complete mystery?

Born in 1905 to a prominent Midwest family, Thomas Townsend Brown was expected to take the reins of the family’s diverse business interests. Like so many of his now-revered predecessors, he chose instead to explore the mysteries of a much larger universe.

Expanding on his original discoveries through more than four decades, Brown built numerous wingless devices that flew without any conventional means of propulsion – the precursors to a future generation of gravity-defying “electric spacecraft.”

Townsend_Brown_Saucer3.jpg (19721 bytes)The Biefeld–Brown Effect is an effect that was discovered by Thomas Townsend Brown (USA) and Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld (Switzerland). The effect is more widely referred to as electrohydrodynamics (EHD) or sometimes electro-fluid-dynamics, a counterpart to the well-known magneto-hydrodynamics. Small models lifted by this effect are sometimes called 'lifters'.

The effect relies on corona discharge, which allows air molecules to become ionized near sharp points and edges. Usually, two electrodes are used with a high voltage between them, ranging from a few kilovolts and up to megavolt levels, where one electrode is small or sharp, and the other larger and smoother. The most effective distance between electrodes occurs at an electric field gradient of about 10 kV/cm, which is just below the nominal breakdown voltage of air between two sharp points, at a current density level usually referred to as the saturated corona current condition. This creates a high field gradient around the smaller, positively charged electrode. Around this electrode, ionisation occurs, that is, electrons are stripped off the atoms in the surrounding medium, they are literally pulled right off by the electrode's charge.

This leaves a cloud of positively charged ions in the medium, which are attracted to the negative smooth electrode, where they are neutralized again. In the process, thousands of impacts occur between these charged ions and the neutral air molecules in the air gap, causing a transfer in momentum between the two, which creates a net directional force on the electrode setup. This effect can be used for propulsion (see EHD thruster), fluid pumps and recently also in EHD cooling systems.

The effect has become something of a cause célèbre in the UFO world, where it is seen as an example of something much more exotic than electrokinetics. Charles Berlitz devoted an entire chapter of his book The Philadelphia Experiment to a retelling of Brown's early work with the effect, implying he had discovered some new electrogravity effect being used by UFOs. In fact Brown was fully aware of how the device worked, but that makes for a less interesting story. Today the Internet is filled with sites devoted to this interpretation of the effect (see below for some of the more profound sites).

An article by M. Tajmar (see below, or a summary) describes an experiment designed to test the possibility that this effect may need some other effect than ion winds for its explanation. No such effect was found, to the limit of experimental accuracy. In particular, no thrust could be observed in a vacuum.

Some people think that the Tesla coil might be related to this effect. In fact, when Tesla came to the USA he was supposedly carrying plans for a "flying machine". The only common factor between a Tesla coil and the Biefeld–Brown effect is that, in both of them, high voltage plays a vital role. High field gradients between electrode plates, can be produced by an AC circuit powered by Tesla coils.

Here are some pictures of T. Brown and his inventions. Most of his inventions utilized air molecules that become ionized and therefore charged. This creates a lift effect. Many people are working on perfecting lifters that utilize this technology. You can stay up to date on the success of lifters and anti gravity technology on the Current Anti Gravity Inventions page.
browndisc.jpg (13546 bytes)

tbrown32.jpg (12302 bytes)

bahnson2.jpg (20878 bytes)

Here is a picture of a modern day lifter, the object being lifted doesn't weigh very much so it is easy to lift. Heavier lifters are being made as we speak.

lifter_photo.jpg (7809 bytes)

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